Trust Bar Spares

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All the spares you'll ever need for your Duotone Click bar... Even the best equipment breaks from time to time. Now it´s way easier to get the spare parts you need. And don´t worry, you don´t even have to assemble them by yourself. During check out, choose the 'send to shop' option and deliver the order to a participating Duotone shop. The participating shop will perform the fitting for free and will not charge you for the work done. Find your spare parts now and upgrade your equipment. For all instructional video's head over to the Duotone YouTube page    

Spares List

Number 1. Chicken Loop (Trust/Click/WSB/Foil)
Number 1. Chicken Loop (Trust/Click/WSB/Foil)
Number 2. Chicken Loop & Chicken Dig (Trust/Click/WSB/Foil)
Number 3. Neoprene covered Safety Leash
Number 4. Chicken Dig (Trust Bar/ClickBar)
Number 4. Chicken Dig (Trust Bar/ClickBar)
Number 5. Iron Heart rubber bungee (10pcs)
Number 6. Short Safety Leash
Number 7. Chicken Loop for Rope Harness
Number 8. Metal Ring
Number 8. Metal Ring
Number 9. Fin Key (5pcs)
Number 10. Fin Key (1pcs)
Number 11. Iron Heart V with bearing (Click Bar)
Number 12. TPU covered Depower Line (Click Bar)
Number 13. Sliding Bar Stopper (Click Bar)
Number 14. Click Bar small plain
Number 15. Click Bar medium plain
Number 16. Floater Pair with rubber bungee (Click Bar)
Number 17. Leader Line Pair (Click Bar)
Number 17. Leader Line Pair (Click Bar)
Number 18. Plastic Head + Grub Screw (Click Bar)
Number 19. Suicide Ring (Click Bar + Trust Bar)
Number 20. Center Part Pin Screws / 2pcs (Click Bar)
Number 21. Left Winding Post Cover (Click Bar)
Number 22. Rubber Plug Pair (Click Bar)
Number 23. Center Part Metal Plates / 2 pcs (Click Bar)
Number 24. Winder + screws (Click Bar)
Number 25. Push Button + Spring (Click Bar)
Number 26. Right WindingPost Cover + screws (Click Bar)
Number 27. Left Stopper Gear + screws (Click Bar)
Number 28. Split Spool (Click Bar)
Number 29. Split Spool Screw (Click Bar)
Number 30. Split Spool Washer (Click Bar)
Number 31. Iron Heart Stopper Ball with Metal Ring (Click Bar)
Number 32. Click Bar Screw Set
Number 33. Guiding Tool (Click Bar)
Number 34. V-Distributor II
Number 35. Spike Tool
Number 36. Entire Trim Unit (Click Bar)
Number 37. Rubber Cord for Click Bar Floaters (10xsets)