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Pumps...  Lucky the great folk at Duotone do quite a lot of kiting and testing! Thus you can bet your bottom dollar that they want a decent pump more than us! This year sees the launch of two newly designed pumps... The Large and the X Large pump... So you can choose between getting your kite inflated quickly with (with minimal effort) but having a more bulky pump to travel or a slower pump! But more compact to travel with! The choice is yours! 

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Lets talks kite surfing Bars...  The Click Bar is hot topic at the moment and under the spot light! It's light years ahead on instant tuning while on the water and industry leading safety makes it the most sort after bar on the market.Whats more it's compatible with pretty much all main kite surfing brands kites. So ever if you don't fly Duotone (There are a few folk that don't!!) You can still use this bar on alternative kites as the front line split can be adjusted in seconds. Getting to Grips with the controls... Click to de-power and twist...

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